EUDoc provides a WEB interface that allows PDF documents to be uploaded, signed and supplemented with MetaData.


EUDoc is part of the process franchise system and offers the possibility (s):

  • Upload documents with EUTag (imprint of the standardized metadata on the PDF document) via a WEB interface
  • To check the syntax of the EUTag
  • Upload documents (PDF) via a WEB interface and add meta-data manually with the „Insert“ function
  • Sign, verify as above
    the electronic signature is NOT offered anymore, but can be reactivated on request
    (optional) Upload supplements to invoices / credits and assign them to the existing document
  • Generate the metadata as an XML file (booking data) and assign it in the EBInterface format

The data is provided to the recipient in the form of a ZIP file

  • Documents (PDF), – signed or unsigned,
    if necessary, side dishes andthe booking data in the format EBInterface

For the sender and optionally also for the receiver we provide an automatic archiving in the system DropBox is free up to 2GB of storage space.

Präsentation (German)





System access (for EUPar-Partner with valid Keyuser)


The following prerequisites are necessary for the use of EUDoc:

At least one user (eMail) defined in the EUPar account as the sender

At least one „ParFriend“ – a defined recipient (EUPar)


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