Document Exchange EN

On the basis of the unique identification number EUPar, we offer software products in which the data from EUPar are read automatically – and thus always completely and correctly. The offer is aimed primarily at smaller companies.

In simple invoicing – WITHOUT EDP function – the ParFriends can be imported.

Simple article master data, text preserves for introductory texts, payment terms are offered. No data is stored – the filing can therefore be organized locally.

On the vouchers an (invisible) code is attached, via which the basic data are sent along with each voucher.


is a possibility to create a standard interface according to the EBInterface format from the SimpleInv document, the EUTag coding, and to forward it to the customers who can automatically import the document, assign it to their business partner via EUPar and thus book directly in the ERP system ,

The standard encoding can be created and applied by any billing program. This makes EUDoc a universal tool for electronically transferring billing / credit memos to business partners participating in the EUPar system.