Benefits EN


and what’s the benefit for me?



I am registered on EUPar:


  • I can offer my business data ELECTRONIC readable to every business partner. For the business partner eliminates the laborious typing of the data (which is usually burdened with a high potential for error).
  • the master data is handed over with a minimum of data quality – it does not depend on the day-time setting of an administrator, whether the data is complete and correct. We support this process with our know-how.
  • the unique identification number is a great help in processing electronic interfaces.
  • the process and transparency of the master data process meets the requirements of the Data Protection Regulation (explicit consent)

I am part of the network and connected to other business partners:

Changes to the master data are automatically communicated to all connected business partners. Thus, the master data quality is proactively changed by all participants and not only when it comes in a transaction problems (wrong VAT, wrong bank account, wrong address ….)

I am „Host“
The master data changes can be automatically imported into my EDP system if my business partners electronically DELIVER their data and make the CHANGES on the EUPar platform.

I am a „small business“ and I have a lot of business partners

but no adequate CRM system for contacts, newsletters, document management etc.
It is possible to automatically synchronize my Parfriends into a stand-alone CRM system and thus to use the full scope of a CRM system.

I am a „small business“ and write my invoices etc. with „Word/Excel“

my ParFriends can be synchronized into a simple billing system – always up-to-date and complete.It is possible to send the billing documents to my customers with an interface (EUDoc)