Client EN

a „client“ is a business partner who creates his master data in a central database (EUPar) and provides it to his business partners (customers, suppliers, logistics) electronically readable.
Data collection with the form

we offer an „online tour“ where the capture is explained.

I would like to integrate my master data in EUPar:

  • the registration of the individual company data is free
  • the process is controlled = there can be no fake registrations
  • we check the postal accuracy of the data – currently DE, AT and CH
    other countries available on request
  • we check the validity of the VAT (with the web service of the European Union)
  • we check the correctness of the IBAN / BIC via a partner

(at least) one email contact is required
you receive:
Confirmation of the registration data
Contact for master data processes (master data keyuser)

With the registration you accept the framework of the data protection regulation. The data collected by you are stored by us and can be retrieved, corrected and disabled at any time. See „Host“ function „MDM“


  • The data are only accessible for professional exchange with business partners defined by you via the „ParFriend“ method
  • the retrieval of the data is only possible via an eMail workflow – the retrieval is secured by an authorization concept, which is regulated by the „keyuser mdm“.

The agreement is formulated as a general contract for all participants of EUPar.