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You want to organize your business partners with EUPar?

So you’re a data host where the Parfriends are registered.


Of course, you have to be a „client“ yourself – i. Have your master data registered on EUPar. For large organizations, a „bracket“ is provided across several subcontractors = a „hierarchy account“ can be created.

Your business partner (client) must be logged in EUPar – you send a request.
Your business partner accepts your request and will be registered as „ParFriend“

what could an initial program for the „host“ look like?

We revise your master data, which you send us as an Excel file – it is important to support the work of business partners in a project.

  • Address check – you get a list of suggestions for correction
  • Duplicate check – you get a list of safe and unsafe duplicates UID exam, IBAN exam
  • Suggestions for standardization of data (telephone format, e-mail, etc.)

You check and correct the data in your ERP system and send the business partners you want to integrate as ParFriends (Excel)

We are trying to connect the ParFriends to existing EUPar registrations – or alternatively to the EUPar partners.

An important point is to define a contact person (Keyuser MDM), which is usually only possible in coordination with the business partner.

The request for a „ParFriend“ connection takes place (then) as for the individual connection. We support this step if you need help.

Participation as a „host“ is chargeable via a service. The amount of the service amount depends on the clients.

The master data cleansing is a project price and depends on the effort with the data

We are happy to help